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You can SUPERCHARGE your child’s next birthday party with laughter, fun, magic and entertainment your whole family will love with Mississippi Magic Man Dorian LaChance!

We had children ranging from 4 to 13 at the party. From the start of the party, the children were completely entertained. They absolutely loved the performance. Anyone who can keep my 4 year old son’s attention that long is a miracle worker. He was great with the children. The adults attending loved it as well. It was one of the best parties we ever had.
Stacie Rector - Brandon, Mississippi

It’s tough being a parent these days. So much to do and so little time. School. Sports. Friends. And as you rush around, you realize just how fast your kids grow up. Every moment is precious. Especially those special occasions like birthdays.

And now another year has passed. So how will you celebrate your child’s special day this year?

Maybe you’re thinking about hiring some entertainment…

So How Do You Choose an Entertainer?

Sure, you’ll find a lot of entertainers out there. But how do you know which to choose? How can you be sure they know how to provide age-appropriate solutions to your family’s needs?  And how can you feel certain you’ll get the best possible value for your investment?

The answer:  Hire a Kid-Show Specialist.

For kid’s parties and family events, you want entertainment that’s visual, easy to understand, and (of course) extremely funny. You don’t want someone who just recycles old “jokes” the kids won’t understand. Children love situational comedy, where crazy stuff happens and everyone enjoys the fun.

You want someone who’s spent years working on and perfecting their programs – preferably someone’s who’s performed hundreds of times in front of live audiences. You don’t want a weekend warrior, you want someone who has dedicated himself to being the Kid Show Professional!

I just wanted to thank you for a great event. My 8 year old and his buddies were totally mesmerized, not to mention all of their parents. It was a great show. You did a great job, great price. Everything you said you were gonna do you did and more.
Kearney Waits, Vicksburg, Mississippi

Only by hiring an experienced professional who specializes in children’s entertainment can you be certain you’ll get the quality and value your family deserves.

This is where I can help!

My name is DORIAN LACHANCE and for over 8 years I’ve dedicated my time and talents to making life easier for Moms and Dads all across Mississippi.

So how do I do this?

By blending comedy, magic, puppets, music, and balloon animals into a totally unique, one-of-a-kind, party fun extravaganza your child, your family, and your entire neighborhood will NEVER forget!

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The Magic of Making Your Child Feel Special!

All my party package solutions provide a guaranteed, laughter-packed 45 minutes of magic, comedy, puppets, and fun! There’s no experimental material in my show – it’s all tried and true A+ material.

And the star of the show IS YOUR CHILD! All throughout the show, magic will continually happen in their hands! Objects appear, disappear, and change – which of course makes your child feel VERY special!

Plus there’s tons of HILARIOUS Audience Participation! Every kid gets to help out in some way, which is important because, as you know, kids don’t want to just sit and watch – they want to get into the act, don’t they?

Every movement, every moment has been precisely planned and packed with action, magic, music, and laughter for your entire family!  Imagine how much fun you’ll have watching every face in your home howling with laughter!

I guarantee, every kid in the neighborhood will shout THANK YOU!!! for throwing such a GREAT party!

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Magician Dorian LaChance

P.S. If you’re checking around for entertainment, make sure you ask these questions:

  • Do they specialize in children’s entertainment? Or do they instead try to perform “for all occasions”? (Just look at their ad or website. You’ll see what I mean.)
  • Can they describe their shows in detail, or does it sound like they simply just “wing” each show?
  • How much experience do they have and what are their professional credentials?
  • Last and most importantly, can they make the same 100% MONEY-BACK guarantee of total customer satisfaction!?


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It was INCREDIBLE. He had the attention of 25-30 six year old for the entire length of the show. It was fabulous. The adults in the audience laughed just as much as the kids. Everybody had a great time. It was the absolute best birthday party we have ever had.
Drew Beacham - Madsion, MS

It was the best birthday party we have ever had.  It was entertaining for the children and the adults.
Mary Beth Taylor, Madison, MS

He was GREAT with the children. I was very happy to have him. If you are thinking about having Dorian the Magician for your party I would say do it. He is a great guy with a great personality and a GREAT show.
Jenai Walkinshaw, Madison, MS

Just wanted to tell you thank you, thank you, thank you for the BEST magic show ever.  My daughter had the best time and her friends can not stop talking about it. I think she has turned into little miss popularity because the show was so wonderful.
Sharron Norris - Jackson, MS

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